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Calling all aspiring infectious disease researchers! The Andersen lab at the Scripps Research Institute seeking a Research Technician to assist with diverse projects using high-throughput sequencing, multi-omics immune profiling, and computational approaches to study emerging viruses and resulting outbreaks of disease. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to contribute to our systems immunology projects for SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. While working closely with Andersen lab members, you will support the expansion of new projects by performing bench-level experiments to conduct high-throughput immunological assays on clinical samples.

This research opportunity is particularly suited for candidates who are passionate about infectious disease research, immunology, global health, and plan to continue their scientific education in graduate or medical school. The ideal candidate understands the key features and functions of the adaptive immune system; they also have hands-on experience with primary cell culture, sterile technique, blood sample handling, and molecular biology techniques like PCR. Familiarity with common immunological methods, including flow cytometry, ELISA, and next-generation sequencing will be advantageous.

Please see the Scripps’ Careers page for further information on how to apply