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CViSB is proud to share, developed by the Su, Andersen, and Wu labs at Scripps Research with input and investment from the CViSB team. is a site that goes beyond compiling the latest reported COVID-19 cases. It seeks to provide: 

  1. Meaningful analyses that are easily decipherable by the general public 
  2. Improve data visualization
  3. Centrally house all things COVID-19 to help enable research on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2
  4. Use a combination of computer programs and manpower to curate information that is accurate, useful, and reusable
  5. Standardize metadata to “compare apples to apples” to make it easy to find datasets, publications, analyses, clinical trials, and protocols
  6. Track changes over time including case counts, death counts and doubling rates
  7. Provide the information needed to determine “next steps” for scientists, policymakers and the general public

Currently available on are the reported cumulative, daily, and change over time case information, by country, state, city, and metropolitan area. Searchable resource and map sections make stand out from other COVID-19 data dashboards. is expanding as fast as the team can develop the tools and the infrastructure needed to provide even more resources and information. Please continue to check out to see what’s new.